APC 311A Temperature Control Trainer, with SCADA

Bench-top, for basic temperature control principles, with SCADA control. Experiments range:
- Open loop response (manual control)
- On/Off controller
- Proportional controller
- Proportional integral controller
- Proportional derivative controller
- Proportional integral derivative controller
- Tuning of controller (open loop method)
- Tuning of controller (closed loop method)
- Stability of the system (Bode plot).
Heating tank with SSR controlled heater for on-line water heating. Rotameter for adjustment of water flow. Temperature transmitter to digital indicating controller. Communication port for PC connection in supervisory mode. All piping and fitting together with other components are mounted on support frame. Process parameter is controlled via microprocessor controller. Auto tuning. non-corrosive wetted parts. Compact and simple to operate, user friendly experimentation software.
230V,  50Hz, 1ph. Water supply: distilled water 10 lit., Air supply: clean, oil and moisture free air, 2 Bar, 50 LPH.

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