APC 326 Multiprocess Trainer

Stand-alone, to understand advanced control methods used for complex processes in the industry. Configuration of different experiments like Flow, Level, Cascade, Feed Forward and Ratio Control. Water supply tank, pumps, level transmitter, transparent level tank, orifice meters with ΔP transmitters, rotameters, pneumatic control valve, I/P converter and interfacing unit. Process parameters are controlled through computer by PID logic.

Experiments range:

• Open loop response (Manual control)
• On/Off controller
• Proportional controller
• Proportional integral controller
• Proportional derivative controller
• Proportional integral derivative controller
• Tuning of controller (Open loop method)
• Tuning of controller (Closed loop method)
• Stability of the system (Bode plot)
• Cascade control system
• Feed forward control system
• Ratio control system

230V, 50Hz, 1ph. Water supply: distilled water 16 litres. Air supply: clean, oil and moisture free air, 2 Bar, consumption 50 LPH.

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