CT 215 Satellite Communication Lab, 2.4 GHz

Microwave 2.4 GHz operation Satellite Trainer, 500MHz spectrum analyser provided for measurements, Tele-command and telemetry facility, Different Baud rates PC-PC link, Emulation of variable signal fading, variable thermal noise, Variable propagation delay, Total 4 Variable path loss at uplink and downlink channels, High RF output power and low noise, LCD display of PLL synthesized frequency in Transmitter, Receiver and Satellite Emulator, Condenser microphone and speaker for audio link, Camera and Video to VGA converter for video link, Satellite has built-in antennas, transponder for link, Helix (LHCP X 2 & RHCP X 2), Log Periodic X 2, Dish X 2 & Patch X 2 for linear & circular polarization study, Signal monitoring outputs at uplink & downlink, C/N and S/N measurement facility.

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