FM 650 Air Flow Bench

c-mp-100_original__page_1_image_0001.jpgIndustrial type centrifugal blower with intake and discharge pipes, flow straighteners, dampers, various flow measuring devices for the study of air flow in accordance with BS 438 and ISO 1042. Maximum delivery (ucchoked) 12 m3/min, maximum pressure (fully choked) 80mm water. 5” intake pipe, 4” discharge pipe with throttling valve/damper and flow straighteners. Venturi nozzle, orifice plate, inlet cone, travelling Pitot. Water based inclined manometers. Aneroid barometer and thermometer. Supporting table on wheels. 220V, 50Hz.
FM 650.01 14-tube manometer, 400mm/1mm.
FM 650.02 Bernoulli’s experiment apparatus
FM 650.03 Flow around a bend apparatus.
FM 650.04 Pipe of different diameters with pressure tapping.
FM 650.05 Dispersion of jet apparatus
FM 650.06 Thermal probe anemometer

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