FM 660 Air Flow Experimental Bench

Mobile bench to provide a compact experimental unit which can be utilised to perform a wide range of experiments in air flow area. The basic bench unit is castor mounted for mobility and can be used for lecture demonstration as well as laboratory classes. The bench houses a fan supplying air to a plenum chamber via a flow control valve. The valve is operated by a lever at the front of the bench. The air flow is vertically upwards. Experiments are fitted to the plenum chamber outlet. Cabinets are provided which can be locked and are designed to house the various components of the experimental equipment.
FM 660.01 Multitube Manometer
FM 660.02 Drag Force
FM 660.03 Boundary Layer
FM 660.04 Jet Pump
FM 660.05 Round Turbulent Jet
FM 660.06 Bernoulli’s Apparatus
FM 660.07 Flow Round a Bend
FM 660.08 Jet Attachment
FM 660.09 Flow Visualisation Unit
FM 660.10 Ground Effect

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