1. MDA-DSP Integration Development Environment Program
    • Display the TMS320C50 internal architecture
    • Edit, Assemble, Compile, Download and program run the source file
    • Debugging functions
    • Code memory disassemble function
    • TMS320C50 register Block & external Memory Dump and editing functions
    • Program scroll display function
    • Pop-Up menu display
  2. Can be use with stand alone mode with built-in keyboard and LCD
  3. Visual indication by LED’s for displaying data, status and control pins
  4. Various command function
  5. I/O port and interrupt experiment
  6. I/O output function use to audio or analog signal
  7. Analog signal input function use to 16-bit A/D converter
  8. Analog signal output function use to 16-bit D/A converter
  9. Extension memory and I/O port interface connector
  10. +5V, +12V, -12V SMPS (Free Voltage) Power
  11. Wood Case

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