MDA-EMS196 16-Bit Microcontroller 80C196KC Emulation Board


  1. MDA-EMS196 Integration Development Environment Program
    • Program debugging through break point, trace and instructions step facilities . C-language, Assemble language source code debugging function
    • Code memory disassemble function
    • Program scroll display function
    • Program stop function
    • 80C196 register file, Memory dump and editing function
    • 28C256(EEOROM) Writing function
    • Pop-Up Menu display
    • Use to keyboard and mouse
  2. User program start address 2080H(RESET Vector)
  3. Various I/O port and interrupt experiments
  4. Built-in Keyboard
  5. Visual indication by LED’s for displaying current system status
  6. High speed In-Output experiment
  7. Included stepper motor circuit
  8. Read/Verify/Write/Erase of 28C256(EEPROM) experiments
  9. Volt meter, Thermometer and photo sensor experiments with A/D converter
  10. DC Motor speed control by PWM of 80C196KC
  11. Hardware timer and frequency counter experiment by Timer 1, and 2
  12. Multi Processor data communication experiment by RS-232C/RS-422
  13. Various interrupt experiment by PTS
  14. External interface connector for user
  15. +5V, +12V, -12V S.M.P.S(Free voltage) Power
  16. Wood Case

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