MDA-MultiMicomA USB kit contains all basic components necessary to understand PIC, AVR, and 8051 microprocessor.
The MICOM studio combines source code editing, assembling, compiling and program writing in one powerful environment.
Connect to high speed USB port of PC for downloading of programs.
Programmer suitable for programming AVR, PIC, and 8051 devices incorporated into MDA-Multi MICOM USB trainer.
LED and PUSH, and Toggle Switch.
DOT Matrix (32×16 Dots).
Graphic LCD (128×64 Dots).
Text LCD (16×2 Lines).
7 Segments.
VR, CDS, Thermistor, and Hygrometer.
Serial EEPROM.
Stepping Motor
DC Motor
DA Converter
DS1302 (Trickle Change Timekeeping Chip).
DS1620 ( Digital Thermometer).
Melody IC.
4X4 Keypad.
Hexa Rotary Switch.
Optical Communication.

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