MDA-USN-mini Mini Ubiquitous Sensor Network

MDA-USN-miniLow power wireless sensor network based on Atmega128L CPU and CC2420 RF module. User can easily learn wireless sensor networks by using our proposed platform and its various examples.


1. CC2420 RF module(2.4GHz)
2. Consist of sensor node and processor(ATmega128L)
3. Provide low power processor (Atmel Atmeg128L)
4. TinyOS
5. Provide various sensor module and application.
6. Provide various I/O devices such as LED and switches.
7. Graphic LCD(128×64Dots) experiment
8. 7′Segment experiment
9. VR, CDS, thermistor and temp. humidity Sensors
10. I2C and SPI experiment with Serial EEPROM
11. Digital thermometer
12. Support Telephone Type Keypad.
13. Ethernet experiment
14. USB experiment
15. Provide Ethernet and USB modules to communicate to PC( USN <–> Ethernet )

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