MDA-WIN8051 Windows Emulation 8051 (8Bit) Trainer


1. STUDIO-51 : The application program combines source code editing, assembling, com piling,
program writing and debugging in one powerful environment.
2. Display the machine language and assemble mnemonic code.
3. STUDIO-51 permits entry of programs debugging through breakpoint, trace and instructions
step facilities.
4. Write One Chip CPU (87C52, 87C51, 89C52, 89C51, 89C2051 and 89C1051
5. Various I/O and interrupt experiments
6. Various expansion modules
7. Graphic LCD (128 x 64 dot)
8. Visual indication by LEDs for displaying status of CPU
9. Provided various examples
10. Metal Case
11. +5V, +12V, -12V SMPS (Free Voltage ) Power

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