ME 700 Mechanisms

me-706.jpgThe mechanisms are designed with appropriate proportions for simple demonstration of relative motion between two or more links of the mechanism. They provide basic knowledge needed to understand motion transfer in the Theory of Machines. Desired motion can easily be observed from graduated scales, angular motion in degree and linear motion in millimetre.
A wide range of mechanisms is available:

ME 701 Slider Crank Chainme-708.jpg


ME 702 Four-Bar Chain

ME 703V Slotted Link

ME 704 Whitworth’s Quick Return Motion

ME 705 Slotted Link (Scotch Yoke)me-704.jpgme-705.jpg

ME 706 Oldham’s Coupling

ME 707 Universal Hooke’s Joint

ME 708 Constant Velocity Jointme-709.jpgme-716.jpg

ME 709 Geneva Stop Mechanism

ME 710 Cam and Tappet

ME 715 Crank & Slotted Lever, Quick Return



ME 716 Oscillating Cylinder

ME 717 Elliptic Trammel – Slotted Link

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