MT 2300i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 300kN, Computer Controlled

Floor-standing, Industrial grade, electro-mechanical, universal material tester, for a wide range of tests depending on the used accessories. Follows international standards. Rigid, elegant construction, main frame made of two fixing beams; one moving the other portal with two loading ball screws. Force is applied electromechanically using a servo motor with timing belt. Force is measured by a load cell, deformation/displacement is measured with electronic sensor (or electronic extesometer).  Fully controlled via computer software.

Maximum test force : 300 kN
Accuracy class : 0.5
Indicating error : within ±5% of indicated value
Deformation range : 0.2% to 100% FS
Indicating error : 0.5% of indicated value
Displacement indicating error : ±0.5% of indicating value
Resolution : 0.025μm
Control parameters
Tuning range of force control rate : 0.005 to 5% FS/s
Tuning range of resolution rate : 0.005 to 5%FS/s
Tuning range of displacement rate : 0.001 to 200mm/min
Effective testing width : 600mm (or as required)
Effective distance for tensile : 800mm (or as required)

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