MWS 280 Demonstration Pump Models

MWS 285 - Edlabquip_img_15The Pump Models are demonstration units to show the operation of different types of pumps. They are equally suitable for student hands-on use or demonstrations. The pumps are arranged on bench-mounted stands with a handle to facilitate operation. Extensive use is made of corrosion resistant materials and plastics, where possible, so that the units are clean to use and require minimal maintenance.
The model is either sectioned or fitted with transparent parts so that details of its operation can be clearly seen. When a pump model comprises a sectioned unit a working model is also mounted on a common baseboard.
MWS 286 - Edlabquip_img_16The following models are available:
MWS 281 Piston Reciprocating Pump
MWS 282 Jet Pump
MWS 283 Centrifugal Pump
MWS 264 Turbine Pump
MWS 285 Rocking Piston Air Compressor (Gas Pump)
MWS 286 Flexible Rotor Pump

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