MWS 850 Universal Drilling & Milling Machine

10692_0Economic solution, two in one, for low budgets.

  • With electronically infinitely variable adjustable drive 140 – 3000 r.p.m. Equipped with a strong work spindle drive with dynamic, speed-controlled main drive motor, which can be adjusted by means of a potentiometer over a wide range of cutting speeds.
  • Single-phase inverse-speed motor 1,4kW, 230 V, 50Hz as direct current model with continuous r.p.m. surveillance.
  • Tool holder MT2.
  • Protective hood prevents unintentional touching of the spindle while in operation. Swivels for quick tool change.
  • Adjustable play-free dovetail guides in the Z-axis.
  • Adjustable feed screws free of play using adjustable bronze nut and counter nuts in the Z-axis.
  • Milling head can be swivelled 90º to both sides.
  • Slow forward feed.
  • Drilling depth end stop.
  • 1 concertina cover to protect guides.
  • Exact clamping of the quill on the total surface area in the milling head.
  • Constant torque throughout the entire speed range.
  • Technical Details:
    Longitudinal X-axis: 500 mm
    Vertical Z-axis: 280 mm
    Transverse Y-axis: 140 mm
    Power supply: 230 V, 50 Hz, 1,4 kW
    Spindle speed infinitely variable: 140 – 3000 r.p.m.
    Swivel range of the milling head to both slides: 90°
    Tool holder: MT2 and tightening thread M10
    Drilling stroke: 55 mm
    Work bench (L x W): 270 x 150 mm
    Number of T-slots: 2
    Width of T-slots: 10 mm
    Distance between milling machine table and work spindle: min. 0 mm, max. 280 mm

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