MWS-GL Bell Casting – Basic Training Set

MWS GL - Edlabquip_img_21A training kit to provide a means of learning fundamentals of forming method in sand casting. Safe to be used by students in the laboratory. Facilitates ramming up of moulding sand, melting of metal, forming and fettling. Bell casting training set contains 3 patterns: Bell, Anvil and Anchor. The kits is packed in a case and comprises:
- Aluminium cope and drag box, screwable
- Aluminium pattern plate
- Different patterns (bell, anvil, anchor models)
- Hand-forged bell clapper with fastening straps
- Moulding tools
- Parting medium
- Thermometer
- Pouring ladle with 5kg special alloy (melting point 230°C, makes the bell ring)
- Worksheets for instructor and students
- 15kg moulding sand in a separate container.

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