MWS-GS Production of a Casting with Cavity

MWS GS - Edlabquip_img_23The kit provides facility for manufacture of a pipe-reducing flange, casting with cavity of 2.2kg mass. Low melting Wood’s metal alloy. Safe to be used by students. Process elaborates technical terms; e.g. core box, core point, core bar, riser, runner, etc. Hands-on experience with ramming up of moulding sand, melting of metal, unpacking and fettling operations. The kit is arranged in a robust case arranged to be easily accessible. The content of the kit comprises:
- Aluminium cope and drag box, screwable
- Pattern plate with pattern of epoxy-resin in one piece
- Core die, core iron
- Moulding tools
- Thermometer
- Pouring ladle with 5kg Wood’s metal (melting point 70°C)
- Worksheets for instructor and students
- 15kg moulding sand in a separate container

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