MWS-MG Metallographic Kit

MWS MG - Edlabquip_img_32The kit provides familiarisation with:
- Elaboration of cooling graphs
- Definition of arrest points
- Plotting of the tin-lead status diagram
- Explanation of the solder and alloy structure, e.g. eutectics
- Explanations of the iron-carbon diagram in analogy with the tin-lead alloy status diagram
Six students can be occupied with one kit. Natural or propane gas supply connection is needed to melt all 6 metals; pure lead, pure tin, eutectic tin-lead alloy, and further tin-lead alloys. The kit is delivered in a robust case, ready to use. The contents of the kit are:
- 6 x stand-holders with magnetic, chromium-steel temperature probe attachment
- 6 x chromium-steel ladles, screwed to the stands
- 6 x Testo-Therm temperature-measuring devices
- 6 x curved special temperature sensors, matching the stand-holders
- 6 x mini gas burners for natural gas (or alternatively propane gas)
- Gas distributors and hoses
- 6 x metals or alloy: pure tin, pure lead, eutectic tin-lead alloy, 3 further tin-lead alloys (1 filling quantity is melted in the crucible, spare metal is also supplied for further fillings)
- Worksheets for the instructor and students, ready-prepared co-ordination papers for the plotting of cooling graphs, including control graphs from our laboratory.

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