kornverteilung_1.jpgEvaluation and presentation of sieve and sedimentation analyses, with automatic estimation of soil characteristics.

  • wet analysis
  • sieve analysis
  • combined wet and sieve analysis,

with output as a protocol form or as a diagram


  • Presentation of grain size categories as %
  • Calculation of uniformity coefficients and coefficients of curvature
  • Filter criteria according to Terzaghi/USBR
  • Determination of transmission constant according to Hazen, Beyer, Mallet/Paquant, Seelheim
  • Determination of grain characteristic number
  • Soil type according to SEP
  • Soil group and frost resistance according to USCS.
  • Angle of internal friction (estimation according to Lang/Huder)
  • Choice of defined sieves
  • Input of sieve refuse in [g] or in [%]
  • User definable densimeter values
  • Sieving before or after sedimentation
  • Grain distribution can be graphically altered (e.g. adjustment of transition from wet branch to sieve branch)
  • Free design of form

    System requirements:

    Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:
    • Pentium I or higher processor
    • minimum 32MB memory
    • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
    • 10MB free hard disk space
    • CD-ROM drive (for installation)
    • VGA or higher resolution monitor

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