startig.jpgPresentation of stratigraphic profiles, penetration tests, well casings, measured data diagrams, pile driving logs, project info.

Drilled profiles.

Presentation of drilled profiles (bores etc.), dynamic penetration tests, well casings, multiple gauges, pressure soundings and measurement data diagrams.Capabilities:

  • Short input of horizons with user-definable abbreviations
  • Freely definable company logo, proportional fonts
  • Optically high quality presentation
  • Colour output of profiles
  • Anchoring in of bitmap and DXF graphics (e.g. scanned images, company logo)
  • Measurement data diagrams (as bar and line graphs, with linear and logarithmic divisions, e.g. depth orientated presentation of water content, etc.)
  • Consideration of soil groups
  • Mini-CAD system, allowing free use of text, and for drawing lines, circles and rectangles
  • Use of Windows true-type fonts
  • Anchoring in of user-definable bitmaps for use as hatching in profiles
  • Colour harmonised penetration tests for the presentation of loose, medium, etc. compacted soils
  • Compatibility with the SEP data format
  • ASCII interface for reading in pressure sounding test results
  • Pressure soundings are colour harmonised for tip pressure and friction ratio.
  • Automatic drilled profiles as well as automatic presentation of the constrained modulus.

Despite a high degree of flexibility, the main program functions can be learnt in a short time.System requirements:

Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:
• Pentium I or higher processor
• minimum 32MB memory
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• 10MB free hard disk space
• CD-ROM drive (for installation)
• VGA or higher resolution monitor

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