U103 Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0

U103_FuelCellMonitor_0_Items_grExternal transformer card for measuring and recording the characteristics of fuel cells and electrolysers. It connects to a PC via USB cable. It includes software that allow to plot the fuel cell or stack’s voltage-current, power-voltage, power-current, and power-time characteristics as well as the voltage of each individual cell of the stack. Recording can be done automatically (at certain voltage or current points) or manually. For electrolysers, you can plot the voltage-current characteristic data as .txt or .csv format. Minimum system requirements: PC with Windows 2000 SP3, XP or Vista, 580MB free disc space, Pentium III or compatible (600MHz or faster), USB port. Package includes: measuring transformer card, USB cable, software, set of cau103_FuelCellMonitor_0_Screenshotbles, power supply, carrying case.

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