druckversuch_1.JPGEvaluation and graphical presentation of uniaxial compression tests on soil and rocks.

The UNIAXIAL program allows the evaluation and graphical presentation of direct shear tests. After input of the initial volume and height, and the test results (time, force, compression), a diagram is presented. It is possible to change the preferences for the graphic presentation:

  • Compression as [%] or [mm]
  • With or without the test curve
  • Axis divisions (compression) linear, logarithmic, root scale

A MiniCAD system is available for additional labelling of he graphics. The output of the results in a protocol or as a diagram can be carried out on the screen, or to a printer or plotter.

As data input is in accordance with Windows conventions it can be learnt almost without the use of a handbook. The graphic output supports true-type fonts, colour output and bitmap graphics.

System requirements

Software runs on PCs with the following specifications:
• Pentium I or higher processor
• minimum 32MB memory
• Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista
• 10MB free hard disk space
• CD-ROM drive (for installation)
• VGA or higher resolution monitor

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