650A-ADCS Ancillary Device Control System

650A-MPC Machine Process Control System

A103 Storage 30

A105 Fan Tutorial

A107 Vehicle Plate

A109 Multi Decade

A111 Experimentation Plate Large

A112 Experimentation Plate Mini

A115 Battery Box

A118 Solar Module Tutorial Double

A119 Safety Adapter

A129 Measurement Set

A142 Solar Module Basic

A143 Solar Module Premium

A144 Solar Module 13

A145 Power Supply

A146 Power Supply 15

A147 Power Supply 50

A148 Spot Light

A149 Video Light

A151/2 Cable Set 2mm

A153 Storage 80

ACD-40 AC Drives Training System

ACD-40 AC Drives Training System with PowerFlex 40

AMS-107 Complete Pneumatic Workcell System

APC 311A Temperature Control Trainer, with SCADA

APC 312A Flow Control Trainer, with SCADA

APC 313A Level Control Trainer, with SCADA

APC 314A Pressure Control Trainer, with SCADA

APC 315 Cascade Control Trainer

APC 318 Control Valve Characteristics

APC 320 First-Order & Second-Order System

APC 326 Multiprocess Trainer

APC 327 Multivariable Level Control Trainer

APC 328 Interfacing & Non Interfacing System

APC 329 DCS Trainer (Hybrid Controller)



B901 Industrial Pneumatic Robot




CM182-PVP Human Machine Interface (HMI) Training System

CM183-01 Programmable Logic Controller Training System

CM184-03 Programmable Logic Controller Training System

CM184-APC Analog Process Control System




CT 010 EMI EMC Training System

CT 020 EMI EMC Training Lab

CT 050 RF Training System, 500 MHz

CT 060 RF Training Lab, 500 MHz

CT 070 Microstrip Trainer, 5-2000 MHz

CT 075 Microstrip Training System, 2-4 GHz

CT 080 X-Band Microwave Bench

CT 082 X-Band Microwave Trainer

CT 084 X-Band Microwave Training System

CT 099 Electromagnetic Field Simulation Software

CT 105 Compact Antenna Trainer, 86-860 MHz, 10 antennas

CT 110 Antenna Trainer, 86-860 MHz, 25 antennas

CT 120 Antenna Training Lab 5-2000 MHz, 30 Antenna

CT 130 X-Band Microwave Training System

CT 135 RF & Microwave Antenna Trainer

CT 140 Advanced RF & Microwave Antenna Lab

CT 150 Transmission Line Trainer, 30-300 MHz

CT 190 Anechoic Chamber 20 GHz

CT 210 Satellite Trainer

CT 215 Satellite Communication Lab, 2.4 GHz

CT 220 X-Band Doppler Radar Training System

CT 230 K-Band Radar Cross Section Trainer

CT 240 Phase Array Antenna Training System

D101 Solar Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Exhibition Set

D102 Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

D103 Concept Car & Gas Station

D104 Eco Exhibition Set




E101 Electrolyser 5

E102 Electrolyser 10

E103 Electrolyser Cell 5

E104 Electrolyser Cell 10

E106 Electrolyser 65

E107 Electrolyser 230


EM-600 Advanced Electronic Sensors System Series


EP-250 Electro-Pneumatic Training System

EXPI Industrial Pneumatic Trainng System

EXPII Industrial Hydraulic Training System

EXPV-EP Electro-Pneumatic Training System

EXPVI-EH Electro-Hydraulic Training System

F101 Fuel Cell H2/O2

F103 Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air

F104 Double Fuel Cell H2/O2/Air

F107 PEM Fuel Cell Kit

F108 Fuel Cell Stack 3

F109 Fuel Cell Stack 5

F110 Fuel Cell Stack 10

F111 Methanol Fuel Cell

FM 001 Archimedes Principle Apparatus

FM 002 Pascal’s Apparatus

FM 003 Boyle’s Law Apparatus

FM 006 Viscosity of Liquids Apparatus

FM 007 Particle Drag Coefficient Apparatus

FM 010 Hydrostatic & Properties of Fluids Bench

FM 055 Hydraulic System, Basic

FM 060 Pressure Measurement Apparatus

FM 065 Level Measurement Bench

FM 098 Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

FM 100 Hydraulics Bench, Volumetric

FM 100.01 Dead Weight Pressure Tester

FM 100.02 Hydrostatic Pressure

FM 100.02A Hydrostatic Pressure, Tilting Submerged Quadrant

FM 100.02B Hydrostatic Pressure, Tilting Jar Quadrant

FM 100.03 Metacentric Height

FM 100.04 Hydraulic Ram Pump

FM 100.05 Pipe Friction

FM 100.06 Flow over a Notch Accessories

FM 100.07 Osborne Reynolds Apparatus

FM 100.08 Bernoulli’s Theorem Apparatus

FM 100.09 Impact of a Jet Apparatus

FM 100.10 Flow Through an Orifice

FM 100.11 Orifice and Jet Flow

FM 100.12 Bends and Fittings Friction

FM 100.13 Mini Flow Channel

FM 100.14 Laminar Flow Apparatus

FM 100.15 Flow Meters Apparatus

FM 100.16 Centrifugal Pump

FM 100.17F Series and Parallel Pump, Fixed Speed

FM 100.17M Series and Parallel Pump, Multi Speeds

FM 100.19 Cavitation Test Panel

FM 100.21 Pipe Losses Test Panel

FM 100.21L Pipe Losses Test Panel, Large

FM 100.22 Free and Forced Vortex, Rotating Paddle

FM 100.22A Free and Forced Vortex, Rotating Tank

FM 100.23AI Mini Axial Flow Impulse Turbine

FM 100.23AP Axial Flow (Propeller) Turbine

FM 100.23F Mini Francis Turbine

FM 100.23K Mini Kaplan Turbine

FM 100.23P Mini Pelton Turbine

FM 101 Hydraulics Bench, Gravimetric

FM 200 Piping Loss Test Stand

FM 200C Compact Piping Loss Test Stand

FM 210 Piping Loss Test Bench

FM 210C Compact Piping Loss Test Bench

FM 220 Pipe Network Apparatus

FM 230 Water Hammer Apparatus

FM 240 Cavitation Test Bench

FM 250 Flow Measurement Test Bench

FM 300 Compact Centrifugal Pump Test Set

FM 301 Centrifugal Pump Demonstrator

FM 310 Centrifugal Pump Test Bench

FM 311 Turbine Pump Test Bench

FM 311D Turbine Pump Demonstrator

FM 312 Gear Pump Test Bench

FM 312D Gear Pump Demonstrator

FM 313 Reciprocating Pump Test Bench

FM 313D Reciprocating Pump Demonstrator

FM 314 Dual Pump Test Bench

FM 315 Axial Flow Pump Test Bench

FM 320 Mini Series-Parallel Pump Set

FM 321 Series-Parallel Pump Demonstrator

FM 325 Series-Parallel Pump Test Bench

FM 330 multi Pump Test Bench

FM 400 Mini Pelton Turbine

FM 402 Compact Pelton Turbine

FM 402C Compact Pelton Turbine, with Data-Acquisition System

FM 404 Pelton Turbine Test Bench

FM 410 Compact Francis Turbine

FM 412 Francis Turbine Test Bench

FM 420 Compact Cross-Flow Turbine

FM 422 Cross-Flow Turbine Test Bench

FM 430 Compact Axial-Flow Pump-Turbine

FM 435 Compact Kaplan Turbine

FM 440 Compact Pelton/Francis Turbine

FM 450 Multi Turbine Test Bench

FM 460 Mini Hydro Power Plant

FM 500 Ground Water Flow Apparatus

FM 505 Seepage Apparatus

FM 510 Permeability Apparatus

FM 520 Sediment Flow Channel

FM 520N Sediment Transportation Apparatus

FM 521 Sediment Bed and Flow Visualisation Tank

FM 522 Liquid Sedimentation Apapratus

FM 522N Liquid Sedimentation Rig

FM 525 Basic Rainfall & Hydrology Apparatus

FM 530 Compact Flow Channel, 100mm wide

FM 531 Compact Flow Channel, 75mm wide

FM 532 Adjustable Bed Flow Channel

FM 532N Elevating Bed Flow Channel

FM 540 Glass Sided Tilting Flow Channel 300x450mm

FM 542 Glass Sided Tilting Flow Channel 600x700mm

FM 611 Centrifugal Fan Demonstrator

FM 612 Axial Flow Fan Test Bench

FM 613 Axial Flow Fan Demonstrator

FM 650 Air Flow Bench

FM 660 Air Flow Experimental Bench

FM 670 Subsonic Wind Tunnel


FULL-CIM Dual Axis Gantry Style CIM SYSTEM

G101 Desktop Fan

G102 Fuel Cell Mini


HS 010 Supply Bench for Training Panels

HS 015 Universal Measuring Block – Analog

HS 020 Universal Measuring Block – Digital

HS 090 Modular Assembly Training System

HS 090.20 Accessories Set, Connecting Elements

HS 090.30 Accessories Set, Measuring Equipment & Fittings

HS 100 Safety Devices Training Panel

HS 110 Thermal Expansion Training Panel

HS 120 Pipe Friction Training Panel

HS 130 Pressure in Pipes & Fittings Training Panel

HS 150 Three-Way Mixer Training Panel

HS 160 Four-Way Mixer Training Panel

HS 170 Series/Parallel Pumps Training Panel

HS 180 Domestic Heating Circuits Training Panel

HS 190 Hydraulic Compensation of Radiators Trainign Panel

HS 200 Acoustic Measuring Technique Training Panel

HS 250 Heating Regulation Simulation, Functional Model

HS 360 Gas Burner Test Stand

HS 370 Oil Burner Test Stand

HS 380 Oil Burner Test Stand

HS 400 Exhaust Measuring Case, Oil/Gas Burners

HS 410 Chimney Measuring Block

HS 500 Oil Tank Training Unit

HS 600 Water/Air Heater Training Unit

HS 700 Domestic Ventilation System Trainer

HS 705 Control Unit for Domestic Ventilation System

INS 010 Noise Generator, 3 GHz

INS 020 X-Band Spectrum Analyser

INS 030 X-band Network Analyser

INS 040 RF Signal Source, 1.1 GHz

INS 050 AM/FM Signal Generator, 500 MHz

INS 060 AM/FM Signal Generator, 1 GHz

INS 070 L-Band Microwave Signal Generator

INS 080 Microwave Signal Generator

INS 090 Microwave Power Meter, 12.4 GHz

INS 100 Microwave Power Meter, 20 GHz

INS 110 X-Band Microwave Power Meter

INS 120 Scalar Network Analyser, 500 MHz

INS 130 Spectrum Analyser, 500 MHz

INS 140 Frequency Counter Microwave, 10 GHz

INS 150 dB Meter, Field Strength Meter, 2 GHz

INS 160 RF Generator, 2 GHz

INS 170 Wobbulator, Sweep Maker Generator, 500 MHz

J101 Junior Basic

J102 Junior Set Hydrogen System

J103 Junior Direct Methanol Fuel Cell (DMFC)

KTS-100 Motor Control Troubleshooting Training Centre





MB 100 Principles of Electricity/Electronics

MB 200 Principles of Pneumatics

MB 300 Principles of Mechanisms

MB 400 Priniciples of Hydraulics

MB 501 Pneumatic Robotics System w/o Pendandt, PLC Application Only

MB 502 Pneumatic Robotics System w/ Pendant – PLC or Standalone Use

MB 540-A PLC Package

MB 600 Principles of Industrial Sensors

MB 640-A Introductory PLC Concepts

MB 650ML-S Principles of PLC

MDA-68000 16-Bit Processor 68000 Trainer

MDA-8086 16-Bit Processor 8086 Board



MDA-EMS196 16-Bit Microcontroller 80C196KC Emulation Board

MDA-EMS51 8-Bit Microprocessor Emulation 8051 Board



MDA-USN-mini Mini Ubiquitous Sensor Network

MDA-WIN8051 Windows Emulation 8051 (8Bit) Trainer

MDA-WinAVR Windows AVR Trainer

MDA-WinPIC2 Windows PIC Trainer

MDA-Z80 8-Bit Microprocessor Z80 Board

MDS-USN Ubiquitous Sensor Network

ME 010 Centre of Gravity Apparatus

ME 020 Simple Moments Apparatus

ME 025 Moment Distribution Apparatus

ME 030 Derrick Crane Apparatus

ME 034 Crane Force Apparatus

ME 060 Reaction of Beams Apparatus

ME 068 Tension Coefficient Apparatus

ME 070 Work done by a Variable Force, Tangential Effort

ME 075 Work Done by a Variable Force, Vertical Effort

ME 080 Friction on a Horizontal & Inclined Plane

ME 082 Belt Friction Apparatus

ME 084 Coil Friction Apparatus

ME 087 Axle Friction Apparatus

ME 088 Clutch Friction Apparatus

ME 089 Brake Drum Apparatus

ME 100 Force Table

ME 110 Rolling Disc on an Inclined Plane

ME 140 Fletchers Trolley Apparatus

ME 200 Relation Between Angular and Linear Speeds

ME 210 Flywheel Apparatus

ME 220 Compound Wheel and Axle

ME 230 Worm and Wheel Apparatus

ME 240 Moment of Inertia Apparatus

ME 302 Torsional Vibration Apparatus

ME 310 Tosion of a Spiral Spring

ME 312 Coil Spring Apparatus

ME 320 Whirling of Shaft Apparatus

ME 325 Swinging Arm Suspension Apparatus

ME 328 Free, Forced & Damped Vibration Apparatus

ME 330 Universal Vibration Bench

ME 340 Four Cylinder Balancing Machine

ME 345 Balancing Machine

ME 350 Static and Dynamic Balancing Machine

ME 400 Centrifugal Force Apparatus

ME 420 Coriolis Force Apparatus

ME 430 Gyroscope

ME 440 Comprehensive Governor Apparatus

ME 450 Cam Analysis Machine

ME 600 Journal Friction Machine

ME 620 Journal Bearing Whirl Rig

ME 650 Duplex Screw Jack

ME 655 Simple Screw Jack

ME 700 Mechanisms

ME 730 Gear Tooth Form Apparatus

ME 734 Epicyclic Gear Train

ME 735 Gear Train Apparatus

ME 740 Winch Apparatus

ME 760 Car Gear Box Model

ME 770 Acceleration of a Geared System

Microprocessor Interface Peripheral Device

MINI-CIM Single Axis Gantry Style CIM System

MT 005 Extension and Compressions of Springs

MT 005C Compression of Springs Apparatus

MT 005E Extension of Springs Apparatus

MT 006 Young’s Modulus Apparatus – Vernier Pattern

MT 007 Young’s Modulus Apparatus – Searle’s Pattern

MT 008 Compound Wires Apparatus

MT 009 Modulus Rigidity of Rubber

MT 010 Deflection of Beams Apparatus

MT 011E Beam Deflection and Torsion Apparatus

MT 012 Combined Bending and Torsion Apparatus

MT 015 Strut Buckling Apparatus

MT 016 Strut Testing, 3 kN

MT 017 Critical Load on Struts Apparatus

MT 020 Torsion Testing Machine, 30 Nm

MT 022 Torsion Testing Machine, 50Nm

MT 025 Torsion Machine, 200 Nm

MT 025A Torsion Testing Machine, 200Nm, Computer Controlled

MT 025B Torsion Testing Machine, 200Nm, Motorised, Digital Display

MT 025M Manual Torsion Tester, 200Nm, Digital Display

MT 027 Torsion Machine, 750 Nm

MT 030 Fatigue Testing Machine

MT 030T Fatigue Testing Machine, Top Loading

MT 040 Creep Testing Machine

MT 090 Strain Gauge Demonstrator

MT 100 Strain Gauge Application Kit

MT 105 Multi-Channel Digital Strain Monitor

MT 110 Strain Gauge Calibration Apparatus

MT 115 Teaching Polariscope

MT 116 Transmitted Light Polariscope

MT 120 Thick Cylinder Apparatus

MT 121 Thick Cylinder Experiments

MT 130 Thin Cylinder Apparatus

MT 131 Thin Cylinder Experiments

MT 140 Round Diaphragm Apparatus (Flat Plate)

MT 148 Beam Shear Apparatus

MT 160 Torsion of a Box Beam

MT 2020 Universal Material Tester, 20 kN

MT 2020i Universal Material Testing Machine, 20 kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2021bs Universal Materials Tester 20kN, Ball-Screw Type

MT 2030 Universal Material Testing Machine, 30kN

MT 2050i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 50kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2100 Universal Material Testing Machine, 100 kN, Manual

MT 2100i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 100kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2200i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 200 kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2300i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 300kN, Computer Controlled

MT 3025 Charpy Impact Testing Machine, 25 Nm

MT 3300 Pendulum Impact Tester, 300 Nm

MT 402 Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 403 Vickers/Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 403M Digital Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 410 Universal Digital Hardness Tester (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)

MW 760 Skill Project – Assembling a Gear

MWS 101 Metric & Imperial Threads

MWS 102 Square & Helical Threads

MWS 110 Fastening Devices

MWS 112 Locking Devices

MWS 150 Civil Construction Models – Board 1

MWS 160 Civil Cosntruction Models – Board 2

MWS 200 Stub Axle Assembly Unit

MWS 205 Roller Model

MWS 210 Knuckle Joint, CV Joint

MWS 215 Bearing Assembly Unit, Cutaway Model

MWS 220 Worm and Wheel Assembly Model

MWS 250 Sieve Shaker Model

MWS 260 Ball Crusher Model

MWS 270 Gear Set Models Series

MWS 280 Demonstration Pump Models

MWS 400 Irrigation Display

MWS 410 Trickler & Micro Irrigation

MWS 420 Sprinkler Irrigation

MWS 430 Surface Irrigation

MWS 600 Bearing & Seals Box

MWS 650 The Wedge System

MWS 660 Self Straining System

MWS 670 Clamping Efficiency System

MWS 770 Skill Project – Assembling a Pump

MWS 780 Skill Project – Assembling a Compressor

MWS 810 Educational Milling Machine

MWS 820 Educational Lathe Machine

MWS 830 CNC Milling Machine Series

MWS 840 CNC Lathe Machines Series

MWS 850 Universal Drilling & Milling Machine

MWS-GL Bell Casting – Basic Training Set

MWS-GS Production of a Casting with Cavity

MWS-MG Metallographic Kit

MWS-SD Production of Hollow Bodies in a Fast Rotating Die


PAS-100B Motor Control Basics Package

PAS-100M Motor Control Motion Pakcage

PAS-100S Motor Control Starting Package

PAS-200 Process Control Package

PAS-300 Device Control Package

PAS-400 Machine Control Package



R103 RFC H2/O2/Air

R104 Double RFC H2/O2/Air








SN 100 Water Analysis Test Kit

SN 110 Water Hardening Test Kit

SN 300 Domestic Water Supply Training Kit

SN 320 Pipe Cleaning Training Stand

SN 330 Protection of Drinking Water Panel

SN 500 Rain Water Utilisation Unit

SN 700 Flushing Cistern Control Training Panel

SN 710 Back-Pressure Flap Training Panel

SN 720 Water-Water Lifting System Training Panel

SN 730 Urinal Control Training Panel

SN 750 Training Panel, Sewage Technique, 2 Parts

SN 800 Sanitary Technique Demo Unit, Comprehensive

SP 380 Solar Energy Training Unit

SP 450 Test Stand, Solar Heating Collectors with Measuring Block

SP 600 Universal Solar Measuring Block

SP 800 Photovoltaic Training Unit

SP 810 Bench-Top Photovoltaic Trainer

SP 812 Solar Photovoltaic Training and Measurement Stand




ST 020 Bending Moment Apparatus

ST 030 Shearing Force Apparatus

ST 035 Bending Moment and Shearing Force Apparatus

ST 040 Curved Bar Apparatus

ST 045 Eccentrically Loaded Tie

ST 050 Beam Apparatus

ST 055 Continuous Beam Apparatus

ST 057 Comprehensive Beam Apparatus

ST 060 Unsymmetrically Loaded Cantilever

ST 062 Unsymmetrical Cantilever Apparatus

ST 082 Fink Girder Apparatus

ST 084 Roof Truss Apparatus

ST 086 Portal Frame Apparatus

ST 090 Two-Hinged Arch Apparatus

ST 091 Three-Hinged Arch Apparatus

ST 092 Centre Span Bridge Apparatus

ST 100 Universal Structural Test Frame

ST 100.01 Bending Moment

ST 100.02 Shearing Force

ST 100.03 Influence Line

ST 100.04 Continuous Beam

ST 100.05 Shear Centre

ST 100.06 Unsymmetrical Cantilever

ST 100.08 Deflection of Beams & Cantilevers

ST 100.09 Area Moment Method

ST 100.11 Two-Hinged Parabolic Arch

ST 100.12 Two-Hinged Parabolic Arch, fixed end

ST 100.13 Three-Hinged Arch

ST 100.14 Redundant Truss

ST 100.15 Forces in a Truss

ST 100.16 Simple Suspension Bridge

ST 100.17 Suspension Bridge

ST 100.19 Deflection of Frames

ST 100.20 Deflection in Curved Bars

ST 100.22 Column Buckling

ST 100.30 Tensile Modulus of Elasticity

ST 100.31 Torsion of Rods & Tubes

ST 100.32 Strain Gauges

ST 100.40 Equilibrium of Forces

ST 100.41 Equilibrium of a Rigid Body

ST 100.42 Equilibrium of a Beam

ST 100.43 Three Dimensional Equilibrium

ST 100.44 Virtual Work

ST 100.45 Tension Coefficient

ST 150 Universal Test Frame, 400 kN


T101 Tutorial Reversible Fuel Cell (RFC) Set

T102 Tutorial Student Set

T103 Tutorial Teacher Set

T107 Tutorial HyRunner

T109 Tutorial HySpeedster

TD 005 Temperature Measurement Bench

TD 007 Humidity Measurement Bench

TD 010 Thermal Conductivity of Solids

TD 017 Specific Heat of a Gas

TD 020 Marcet Boiler, Electrically Heated

TD 060 Free & Forced Convection

TD 070 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

TD 072 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger, Different Tubes

TD 074 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

TD 076 Plate Heat Exchanger

TD 077 Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer

TD 078 Multi Heat Exchanger

TD 080 Demonstration Cooling Tower, Bench-top

TD 105 Thermal Radiation Apparatus

TD 107 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

TD 110 Thermo-Electric Heat Pump

TD 112 Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus

TD 202 Air/Water Heat Pump Stand

TD 204 Air/Water Heat Pump, Bench-Top

TD 220 Basic Heat Pump Demonstration Stand

TD 222 Heat Pump Demonstration Stand

TD 230 Basic Refrigeration System

TD 250 Refrigeration Cycle Trainer

TD 252 Heat Pump – Basic Model

TD 255 Refrigeration Laboratory Training Unit

TD 260 Refrigeration System Training Equipment

TD 262 Ice Making Test Rig

TD 300 Split-Type Air-Conditioning System

TD 305 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

TD 306 Circulating Air Conditioning Training System

TD 391 Car Air Conditioning Trainer, Bech-Top

TD 400 Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

TD 550M Turbo Jet Engine, Medium

TD 550S Turbo Jet Engine, Small

TD 560 Two-Shaft Gas Turbine Engine

TD 570 Mini Steam Power Plant, Small

TD 575 Mini Steam Power Plant, Medium

TD 585 Compact Steam Power Plant

TD 600 Small Single-Stage Compressor Test Rig

TD 615 Single-Stage Compressor Trainer, Air-Cooled

TD 620 Two-Stage Compressor Trainer, Air-Cooled

TD 622 Two-Stage Compressor Training Bench, Air-Water cooled

TD 625 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Air Compressor Demonstration

TD 800 Engine Test Bed, Single Cylinder

TD 810 Engine Test Bed, Multi-Cylinder

TD 850 Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

TD 900 Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engine






U102 Stack Experimentation Set, Complete

U103 Fuel Cell Monitor Pro 3.0

U104 Fuel Cell Monitor 3.0





WE 050 Laboratory Wind Energy Trainer

WE 100 Wind Power Electric Generator