MT 005 Extension and Compressions of Springs

MT 005C Compression of Springs Apparatus

MT 005E Extension of Springs Apparatus

MT 006 Young’s Modulus Apparatus – Vernier Pattern

MT 007 Young’s Modulus Apparatus – Searle’s Pattern

MT 008 Compound Wires Apparatus

MT 009 Modulus Rigidity of Rubber

MT 010 Deflection of Beams Apparatus

MT 011E Beam Deflection and Torsion Apparatus

MT 012 Combined Bending and Torsion Apparatus

MT 015 Strut Buckling Apparatus

MT 016 Strut Testing, 3 kN

MT 017 Critical Load on Struts Apparatus

MT 020 Torsion Testing Machine, 30 Nm

MT 022 Torsion Testing Machine, 50Nm

MT 025 Torsion Machine, 200 Nm

MT 025A Torsion Testing Machine, 200Nm, Computer Controlled

MT 025B Torsion Testing Machine, 200Nm, Motorised, Digital Display

MT 025M Manual Torsion Tester, 200Nm, Digital Display

MT 027 Torsion Machine, 750 Nm

MT 030 Fatigue Testing Machine

MT 030T Fatigue Testing Machine, Top Loading

MT 040 Creep Testing Machine

MT 090 Strain Gauge Demonstrator

MT 100 Strain Gauge Application Kit

MT 105 Multi-Channel Digital Strain Monitor

MT 110 Strain Gauge Calibration Apparatus

MT 115 Teaching Polariscope

MT 116 Transmitted Light Polariscope

MT 120 Thick Cylinder Apparatus

MT 121 Thick Cylinder Experiments

MT 130 Thin Cylinder Apparatus

MT 131 Thin Cylinder Experiments

MT 140 Round Diaphragm Apparatus (Flat Plate)

MT 148 Beam Shear Apparatus

MT 160 Torsion of a Box Beam

MT 2020 Universal Material Tester, 20 kN

MT 2020i Universal Material Testing Machine, 20 kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2021bs Universal Materials Tester 20kN, Ball-Screw Type

MT 2030 Universal Material Testing Machine, 30kN

MT 2050i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 50kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2100 Universal Material Testing Machine, 100 kN, Manual

MT 2100i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 100kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2200i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 200 kN, Computer Controlled

MT 2300i Universal Materials Testing Machine, 300kN, Computer Controlled

MT 3025 Charpy Impact Testing Machine, 25 Nm

MT 3300 Pendulum Impact Tester, 300 Nm

MT 402 Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 403 Vickers/Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 403M Digital Micro-Vickers Hardness Tester

MT 410 Universal Digital Hardness Tester (Rockwell, Brinell, Vickers)