TD 005 Temperature Measurement Bench

TD 007 Humidity Measurement Bench

TD 010 Thermal Conductivity of Solids

TD 017 Specific Heat of a Gas

TD 020 Marcet Boiler, Electrically Heated

TD 060 Free & Forced Convection

TD 070 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger

TD 072 Concentric Tube Heat Exchanger, Different Tubes

TD 074 Shell & Tube Heat Exchanger

TD 076 Plate Heat Exchanger

TD 077 Jacketed Vessel with Coil & Stirrer

TD 078 Multi Heat Exchanger

TD 080 Demonstration Cooling Tower, Bench-top

TD 105 Thermal Radiation Apparatus

TD 107 Mechanical Equivalent of Heat Apparatus

TD 110 Thermo-Electric Heat Pump

TD 112 Boiling Heat Transfer Apparatus

TD 202 Air/Water Heat Pump Stand

TD 204 Air/Water Heat Pump, Bench-Top

TD 220 Basic Heat Pump Demonstration Stand

TD 222 Heat Pump Demonstration Stand

TD 230 Basic Refrigeration System

TD 250 Refrigeration Cycle Trainer

TD 252 Heat Pump – Basic Model

TD 255 Refrigeration Laboratory Training Unit

TD 260 Refrigeration System Training Equipment

TD 262 Ice Making Test Rig

TD 300 Split-Type Air-Conditioning System

TD 305 Air Conditioning Laboratory Unit

TD 306 Circulating Air Conditioning Training System

TD 391 Car Air Conditioning Trainer, Bech-Top

TD 400 Absorption Refrigeration Trainer

TD 550M Turbo Jet Engine, Medium

TD 550S Turbo Jet Engine, Small

TD 560 Two-Shaft Gas Turbine Engine

TD 570 Mini Steam Power Plant, Small

TD 575 Mini Steam Power Plant, Medium

TD 585 Compact Steam Power Plant

TD 600 Small Single-Stage Compressor Test Rig

TD 615 Single-Stage Compressor Trainer, Air-Cooled

TD 620 Two-Stage Compressor Trainer, Air-Cooled

TD 622 Two-Stage Compressor Training Bench, Air-Water cooled

TD 625 Multi-Stage Centrifugal Air Compressor Demonstration

TD 800 Engine Test Bed, Single Cylinder

TD 810 Engine Test Bed, Multi-Cylinder

TD 850 Exhaust Gas Calorimeter

TD 900 Stirling Cycle Hot Air Engine