HS 010 Supply Bench for Training Panels

HS 015 Universal Measuring Block – Analog

HS 020 Universal Measuring Block – Digital

HS 090 Modular Assembly Training System

HS 090.20 Accessories Set, Connecting Elements

HS 090.30 Accessories Set, Measuring Equipment & Fittings

HS 100 Safety Devices Training Panel

HS 110 Thermal Expansion Training Panel

HS 120 Pipe Friction Training Panel

HS 130 Pressure in Pipes & Fittings Training Panel

HS 150 Three-Way Mixer Training Panel

HS 160 Four-Way Mixer Training Panel

HS 170 Series/Parallel Pumps Training Panel

HS 180 Domestic Heating Circuits Training Panel

HS 190 Hydraulic Compensation of Radiators Trainign Panel

HS 200 Acoustic Measuring Technique Training Panel

HS 250 Heating Regulation Simulation, Functional Model

HS 360 Gas Burner Test Stand

HS 370 Oil Burner Test Stand

HS 380 Oil Burner Test Stand

HS 400 Exhaust Measuring Case, Oil/Gas Burners

HS 410 Chimney Measuring Block

HS 500 Oil Tank Training Unit

HS 600 Water/Air Heater Training Unit

HS 700 Domestic Ventilation System Trainer

HS 705 Control Unit for Domestic Ventilation System

SN 100 Water Analysis Test Kit

SN 110 Water Hardening Test Kit

SN 300 Domestic Water Supply Training Kit

SN 320 Pipe Cleaning Training Stand

SN 330 Protection of Drinking Water Panel

SN 500 Rain Water Utilisation Unit

SN 700 Flushing Cistern Control Training Panel

SN 710 Back-Pressure Flap Training Panel

SN 720 Water-Water Lifting System Training Panel

SN 730 Urinal Control Training Panel

SN 750 Training Panel, Sewage Technique, 2 Parts

SN 800 Sanitary Technique Demo Unit, Comprehensive