Economising the Technical Education

It is very important to acquire equipment and apparati for technical education, such as; Engineering Faculties, Polytechnics, Technical Colleges, and Vocational Schools. However, this issue would not be without financial cost, where many institutions don’t have the right budeget for such facilities.

Many suppliers for educational equipment have on the list of their supply a significant number of equipment that would do the same job, though under different titles and article codes. Staff with less experience may not recognise the similarity of such equipment, which is normally reflected on many similar equipment in one tender, enquiry or procurement.

This shows the high importance of Consultation business in the Technical Education, where a great deal of financial saving would be worth investing on seeking the right consultation for a trivial amount of fees.

The cost of educational equipment may be reduced in different ways; for example:

  • Combining several equipment in one compact system to avoid repetition of facilities that can be used equally by all the equipment. A good example is The FM 450 Multi Turbine Test Bench, in which 3 turbines; namely: Pelton, Francis, and Cross-Flow are mounted on one bench. Such turbines can use the same water supply and measuring instrumentation, beside the same frame bench.
  • Making a modular system, where a great number of experiments may be conducted using one bench or frame. Examples are FM 100 Hydraulics Bench and ST 100 Universal Structural Test Frame.

In both ways, there is another unseen advantage; saving lab space. Construction of a lab should not be looked at as a cheap matter.